• Capture the Living Image of your Faithful Companion

Commission a Scuplture

We live a lot longer than our pets, so it stands to reason that, at some point in time, we may have to endure losing them. Even when it’s expected, it is a difficult and emotional time for owners.
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Comissioning a hand-sculpted urn can help in the grieving process. By capturing the living image of your faithful companion a commemorative pet urn can provide a lasting tribute and forever home for their earthly remains. [Enquiry form…]

Coping with the loss of a pet

For many people a pet is not 'just' a dog or a cat but a beloved companion and member of the family and so when they die, it is not uncommon to experience an intense sense of grief and...
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Epitaph to a Dog

Epitaph to a Dog is a poem by the British poet Lord Byron. It was written in 1808 in honour of his Newfoundland dog, Boatswain, who had just died of rabies. When Boatswain contracted the...
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